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Custom Sign Option


Looking for a city you don't see on our website? This is the perfect solution!

We offer custom signs that featuring the exact city and location you are looking for - anywhere in the world! These feature personalized map layouts, which we will design with your help and finalize with your approval.

The opportunities for custom signs are endless! We can capture the address of the place where you got married, the house where you grew up, or your favorite vacation spot ever. There are so, so many ways to make these signs tell your story perfectly, and we can't wait to get started on yours!


P R O C E S S :
1. Select the size/finish for your custom sign, and place your order
2. After receiving your order, we will be in touch via email with a survey to                     obtain all the necessary details for your custom sign
3. Once we have received your survey, we will be in touch within 2 business                 days with a mock-up of the design
4. You can provide feedback for any adjustments needed on the mock-up,                   and once we get your approval on the design we will get to work!
5. Custom signs will ship out within 3 weeks from the date the mock-up is                     approved.

 O V E R V I E W :
▪ Measurements vary by size
        - Small Signs measure approx. 12" on the longest side
        - Medium Sign measure approx. 18" on the longest side
        - Large Sign measure approx. 24" on the longest side                                                   ▪  *Overly rectangular states (like North Carolina or Tennessee) will
                    measure longer than these measurements. Please contact us for                         exact measurements.
▪ Made of Mahogany or Walnut (varies per selection). 
▪ Hand stained and finished with protective clear coat. 
▪ Comes packaged in bubble wrap and ready to hang on the wall.

P L E A S E   N O T E :
We do our absolute best to ensure that every item is consistent and high-quality. However, since our signs are handmade and made of natural materials, there may be small discrepancies between items. Please allow for slight variations between what you see on your screen and what you receive in person.